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High Precision Transducers– Calibrated measurement range switching up to kV/kA– 4800 V AC/DC reinforced isolation up to PD 3, OV III to EN50124-1, UL347– 3-port isolation with universal power supply– Fire protection HL3 to EN45545-2: 2016– Environmental conditions to EN50155-1; -2, temperature class TX– EMC to EN50121-1; -3-2– RAMS: monitoring of input-/output loop + device integrityRAILWAY TECHNOLOGYProLine P50000The Art of Measuring.for High Voltage and Current Measurement in Railway Applications

Rail and Metro Innovation Guide 2018www.SmartRailWorld.com33SECTION 4: ROLLING STOCK In rail substations, high voltage motors or in other areas of infrastructure: Knick signal conditioners are used successfully throughout the world. Transducers of the new ProLine P50000 series were specially developed for voltage and current measurement in main and auxiliary power circuits of locomotives and multiple units. They are used, for example, for short circuit detection as well as for monitoring of traction motors and inverters, auxiliary inverters and accumulator batteries. The devices comply with all applicable railway standards and thus meet the high demands of fire protection (HL3 according to EN 45545-2 (2016), electrical safety, mechanical robustness and resistance to extreme environmental conditions and electromagnetic interference. Compared to conventional sensors used in railway vehicles, the ProLine P50000 models stand out by way of their calibrated range selection and integrated universal power supply.Website: Unipart Rail is the leading specialist provider of the Supply Chain Services, Products and Manufacturing to the rail industry in the UK and international markets, with offices in the UK, Australia, Middle East and the Far East. Our services are focused on adding value to our customers' operations – enabling them to concentrate on their core activities whilst we manage materials supply, depot/stores operations and help them to be more productive and efficient. Our company is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and BS 11000 for Quality Systems, Environmental Practices and Collaborative Working. Unipart Rail also includes: • Unipart Dorman - LED signalling and indication innovators and manufacturers.• Park Signalling - signalling design and consultancy specialists.• Instrumental - remote condition monitoring specialists for high performance engines and rail applications.• Key Fasteners - vending and software solutions to supply and track fasteners from the manufacturer to the train. • Samuel James Engineering – power control systems for the rail infrastructure. With over 700 employees, we are a major partner to the rail industry and have extensive expertise in Infrastructure and Traction & Rolling Stock systems and products.Website URL