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20www.SmartRailWorld.comRail and Metro Innovation Guide 2018TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND CONNECTIVITYSECTION 320

Rail and Metro Innovation Guide 2018www.SmartRailWorld.com21SECTION 3: TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND CONNECTIVITYIn August 2017, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan told business leaders of his vision to ensure that "...every household and every business in London should have access to a superfast internet connection, and that free public connectivity should be a feature of our high streets and public spaces."Although the UK capital is one of the world's leading technology hubs, boasting over 40,000 digital tech from start-ups to industry giants like Amazon and Google, Londoners are still experiencing poor connectivity whilst on the move and in particular on the city's vast public transport network. One company has however solved this problem for the citizens of New York, Hong Kong and Toronto – where riders on those cities metro networks can remain connected throughout their journey whether answering emails, reading the news or communicating with friends and family. That company is BAI Communications, and today to learn more about their unique business model, current focus and thoughts on the sector's developments our Editor Luke Upton sat down exclusively with Billy D'Arcy, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of BAI Communications UK.Luke Upton (LU): Congratulations on the new position, what has led you to the role? Billy D'Arcy (BD'A): Thank you. Well I've always been very interested in all aspects of telecommunications, and have worked in the sector for over 25 years now, first in my native Ireland and since 2009 in the UK. I enjoy working on projects within regulated markets, public sector style environments and particularly in areas where I can see growth. Throughout my career, I've had a particular fascination for infrastructure. Quite simply, without the strong foundations of quality infrastructure, you can't deliver the services you may want to deploy to help address customers outcomes. So, in joining BAI Communications in July from O2 (Telefónica UK) where I was Managing Director for Enterprise & Public Sector Business, I got the opportunity to focus on these areas and join an organisation that is particularly good in demonstrating engineering infrastructure excellence and delivering major projects. I believe in what BAI are about, I'm inspired by the team here and we are all driven by the same ambition to build the business and the value of what we offer. LU: Thanks, and for our readers who may be unfamiliar with BAI Communications' work, could you give them a brief overview? BD'A: Of course, BAI Communications is a global company that builds and operates highly available communications networks – celullar, Wi-Fi broadcast and radio – across sectors challenged with connectivity. Headliner: Billy D'Arcy, Chief Executive Officer of BAI Communications UK