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BAI Communications delivers high quality, robust communications networks - Wi-Fi and cellular - for large scale transport systems around the world. From New York City, Toronto and Hong Kong subways, to Boston rail.Our common, high-capacity network enables public connectivity, public safety, and transit services, with operational benefits for transport authorities, mobile network operators and public safety agencies.Every year, BAI Communications brings connectivity to over two billion passengers around the globe.Bringing the connection to our world – | www.baicommunications.comLONDON | NEW YORK | BOSTON | TORONTO | SYDNEY | HONG KONG

Rail and Metro Innovation Guide 2018www.SmartRailWorld.com1Contents1 Editor's Welcome 2 Seven rail technology trends currently shaping the rail and metro industry. 4 IT and Data 13 Signalling and Train Control 21 Telecommunications and Connectivity31 Rolling Stock Technology 35 Passenger Services and Fare Collection 40 Engineering, Procurement and Construction44 Safety and Security 51 Urban Mobility 54 Professional Services & ConsultanciesClick to go straight to the sectionWelcome to the 2018 Rail and Metro Innovation Guide, So said British humourist Miles Kington, and most recently and perhaps more puzzlingly Irish rugby great Brian O'Driscoll. Choosing the right supplier, I think requires both knowledge and wisdom in large quantities. The potential benefits from rolling out a new technology are huge, as are the pitfalls and problems that choosing the wrong supplier can cause. The origins of the guide began soon after our launch in 2013, when we began being asked who was supplying the technology in our stories and how best people could get in contact with those providers. We are proud to have put several operators and solutions providers in contact who are now working together on some very exciting projects. With these enquires in mind, the demand for new solutions growing, and with one of our key aims being to help foster technological engagement across the industry, we launched last year, our first Rail & Metro Innovation Guide. And we are proud to return with an even bigger comprehensive annual resource containing the leading service and technology suppliers to the global rail and metro industry.Our 2017 guide has had over 55,000 page views, so if you used it, you are in good company. Whether your focus is IT & Data, Signalling & Train Control, Rolling Stock Technology, Passenger Service & Fare Collection, Safety & Security, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Professional Services & Consultancies and two new categories for this year Urban Mobility and Telecommunications and Connectivity this is the guide for you. The Rail & Metro Innovation Guide 2018 is more than just a list of companies. Designed for senior executives, managers and procurement officers, this high-quality publication will be a valuable reference tool for all working in rail technology. Divided into chapters focussed on key areas, it's designed to enable rail and metro professionals to search quickly and easily for the supplier or service required and then contact them directly. As well as this guide, there's also a complete only set of listings on SmartRail World the online home of rail and metro innovation. We can't help you with your kitchen choices but we hope you find this guide useful and helpful in connecting with the solution providers you need to help your transport system grow and develop. Regards and thanks, Luke Upton Editor SmartRail World PS! The 2019 edition will be published on 17th September 2018, so contact to find out how you can be included.@SmartRail World@SmartRailWorldNewsSmartRail WorldSmartRail World"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad."