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Rail and Metro Innovation Guide 2018www.SmartRailWorld.com17SECTION 2: SIGNALLING AND TRAIN CONTROL Simple access to the information you need Track more with less: Frauscher Sensor Technology makes it simpler for system integrators and railway operators to obtain the information they need to run, monitor and protect their operational network. Best-in-class wheel detection systems, axle counters and tracking solutions based on inductive sensor technology and distributed acoustic sensing form an essential component of a wide range of applications. Control trains and systems: Precise detection and tracking of train movements enable an efficient train control management. Frauscher systems provide information required for track vacancy detection (SIL 4), to manage level crossings, for switching point protection or platform announcements and further applications. Monitor the condition of trains and infrastructure: Globally proven wheel detection systems provide highly precise information for reliable and safe triggering of trackside monitoring equipment. Furthermore, tracking solutions offer innovative possibilities to directly monitor train as well as infrastructure assets without the need of any on-board equipment. Protect personnel and infrastructure: The ability of detecting all kinds of activities along a track forms the basis for efficient protection of personnel, vehicles, trespassers or even animals. These capabilities can also be used for securing infrastructure components from cable thefts or vandalism. Frauscher experts are on-site in global markets to ensure comprehensive support during the whole customer life cycle. Additionally customers are able to design, configure, install, adapt and maintain all components and systems by themselves due to individual trainings and support.Website: Unipart Rail is the leading specialist provider of the Supply Chain Services, Products and Manufacturing to the rail industry in the UK and international markets, with offices in the UK, Australia, Middle East and the Far East. Our services are focused on adding value to our customers' operations – enabling them to concentrate on their core activities whilst we manage materials supply, depot/stores operations and help them to be more productive and efficient. Our company is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and BS 11000 for Quality Systems, Environmental Practices and Collaborative Working. Unipart Rail also includes: • Unipart Dorman - LED signalling and indication innovators and manufacturers • Park Signalling - signalling design and consultancy specialists • Instrumental - remote condition monitoring specialists for high performance engines and rail applications • Key Fasteners - vending and software solutions to supply and track fasteners from the manufacturer to the train. • Samuel James Engineering – power control systems for the rail infrastructure. With over 700 employees, we are a major partner to the rail industry and have extensive expertise in Infrastructure and Traction & Rolling Stock systems and products.Website:

18www.SmartRailWorld.comRail and Metro Innovation Guide 2018SECTION 2: SIGNALLING AND TRAIN CONTROL TI-Analytics is Business Intelligence based analysis tool for CBTC technology that takes Transit performance to new levels of efficiency. TI Analytics is a data warehousing and analytical platform. TI Analytics aggregates data generated by communications-based train control (CBTC) systems to unlock new insights, identify problems early and optimize the maintenance of both trackside infrastructure and trains. TI Analytics provides extended business analytics and rule-based condition monitoring, allowing operators to develop new predictive capabilities. TI Analytics provides asset performance insights for Operators and Maintainers. TI-Analytics offers day to day savings, improved asset efficiency and long term customer satisfaction.Website: Founded in 1985, Synergy Systems, LLC, manufactures GPS and Multi-GNSS positioning, location and precision timing sensors and GPS and Multi GNSS board level products for imbedding in customer's OEM products. The company provides distributed and value-added products including cables, antennas and accessories to optimize its sensor products to specific customer requirements. Synergy services companies and government entities world-wide including DOD, Defense Contractors, the rail, energy and telecom industries and OEM product manufacturers. Products include: The SynPaQ/E family of navigation, positioning and precision timing sensor products for use on Locomotives, way-side locations and Hi-Railers. This line of low cost sensors has been expanded to include an Ethernet version with a web page interface. Model SRA "Super Rugged Antenna" designed specifically for railroad locomotive applications. The SRA has passed stringent environmental, electrical, shock, & vibration testing to railroad industry standards. The above CE Marked products embed one of several choices of GPS and Multi-GNSS modules and have been supplied for Positive Train Control (PTC) projects. These products are available individually, in volume or integrated into installation kits with everything necessary for connection to a host computer or OBC system.Website: www.synergy-gps.comFor an introduction to Synergy's products and services and e-mail to: